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Waste foam granulator

Waste foam granulator
Introduction: Waste foam granulator is a special machine for crushing and pulverizing waste foam plastic, pearl cotton and foamed polyethylene. It adopts electric screen changing technology to improve work efficiency, simple operation and bright color of particles. The majority of customers praise.
First, use: used to process waste snack boxes, home appliances packaging and other EPS foam (foam), so that it is converted into recycled PS pellets. This recycled plastic can be used to make a variety of stationery, toys and electrical enclosures.
Second, the characteristics: 1, the main and auxiliary machine screw barrels are made of imported high-strength high-quality carbon structural steel, durable. 2. The 200 type adopts a conical screw barrel to speed up the feeding speed and greatly improve the output and quality. 3, using the main and auxiliary machine supporting production, electric heating temperature stability, effectiveness to continuously improve the chemical structure of the material, enhance the gas permeability, and improve the quality of the pellet. 4. The unit is mainly composed of crushing dry cleaning machine, extruder, automatic traction cutting. Granulator composition. Fully automatic feeding, automatic temperature control, automatic ash removal, de-mixing, automatic filter-changing and other integrated design concepts, no pollution during processing. Foam recycling granulator
Third, the unit is a process of pulverizing-plasticizing, drawing-grazing and granulating the foam, and its mechanical properties are stable and stable, 100-130 kg per hour.
Fourth, the use of tips
1. Check if the screws are loose and the spindles are flexible.
2. Install the motors and their circuits correctly. The motor uses a three-phase 380V heater chip with 220V current.
3. Make good grounding protection outside the machine.
4. Check if the steering of each spindle of the test machine is correct.
5. The heating piece is preheated to the barrel body to melt the foamed plastic, and it is necessary to completely dissolve the raw materials in the upper and lower barrels before starting the extruder, which is used for turning the large wheel to be flexible. Due to the residual material in the machine head, it is recommended to use a blowtorch to strengthen the preheating of the upper and lower heads.
6, flexible control of the length of the pump into the water, depending on the temperature, water temperature, the pump will be cooled by water about 1.1-1.7M, so that the strip is not brittle, not sticking after cutting.
7. Observe the color and shape of the discharge material, and flexibly grasp the supply and stoppage of the power supply of each heating sheet.
8. For more impurities such as ash and soil in the raw materials, 60 mesh-80 mesh and 1-3 mesh screens can be added before the sieve to ensure the color and purity of the particles.
Can be customized according to customer requirements: required waste plastic recycling granulator

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