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Crushed material single stage

Uses: The equipment has no auxiliary machine, single mainframe direct drawing granulation (requires material clean and no impurities) plastic granulator is used for various plastic granules.
1: The screw is carefully developed and designed. The whole machine and various components are properly equipped, and the lines are heated by three fires and one zero.
2: The screw is designed for the material characteristics, the output is high, the material has good gloss and the particles are full, the whole machine configuration is increased, the service life of the equipment is increased, the appearance is rationalized, and the beauty is unique.
3: The reasonable design of the equipment increases the production volume, the value of the products made is greater, the maintenance time of the workers is reduced, and the maintenance cost is reduced.
4: The granulator has the characteristics of high output and low energy consumption. It is equipped with a large torque reducer and motor. The screw of this machine has been specially designed to have no dead angle and no iron effect, which effectively increases the productivity and increases the plasticizing effect of plastic. Exhaust, double exhaust structure, dry material, damp material, water washing material can fully drain and exhaust, so that the particles are strong and full of gloss.
5: High-quality electrical and drive equipment makes the equipment safer and more reliable in use.

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